Ying-Tung Tseng 曾英棟

Tainan, TW


人一生追尋真理,亦是尋找「合流」交匯之處,時間於天地之合、人於陰陽之合,現實與夢境亦是虛實之合,愛與錢是現實物質與精神欲望的相對之合,相異共存的異質之合。合于人生之中,是智慧的光點,如自然彙聚般的形成,如眾裡尋覓千百度,卻在燈火闌珊處 ; 無盡的追求,而在夢裡參透。

The pursuit of truth in a person’s life is also a search for the intersection of „confluence“. Time is in harmony with heaven and earth, and man is in harmony with yin and yang. A combination of heterogeneous coexistence. In the life, it is the light spot of wisdom, formed like a natural gathering, like searching thousands of times in the crowd, but in the dimly lit place; endless pursuit, but penetrated in the dream.

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Tseng Ying Tung
1953 Born in Tainan
1977 Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University
1993 M.A. in Fine Arts, University of New York, USA
2015 Established Asir Art Museum

2023 Solo Exhibition, In Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Pontificate of HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCUS: Five Loaves and two fish, Embassy of the Republic of China 
(Taiwan) To The Holy See, Rome 2022 Solo Exhibition, How High is a Mountain and How Deep is Your Love, Asir Art Museum, Tainan, Taiwan Solo Exhibition, Peach Blossom Spring, Eagle Art Space, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Solo Exhibition, Trees of Life: In Search of the Flowing Light, Artrue Gallery, Taipei Solo Exhibition, Galerie-Kuchling, Berlin, Germany 2021 Solo Exhibition, Accumulated Sweetness, Tsung-Yeh Artist Village, Tainan, Taiwan Joint Exhibition, Freedom。Love, Galerie-Kuchling, Berlin, Germany 2020 Solo Exhibition, Blooming Tipsiness, Asir Air Museum, Tainan, Taiwan Joint Exhibition, 2020Year of the Rat Exhibition: Shaking The Money Tree Brings Fortune, Tainan Art Museum, Taiwan 2019 Joint Exhibition, The Light of the World: The Contemporary Arts from Taiwan, The Holy See Joint Exhibition, International Steel Sculpture Art Festival by Tangshang Delong, China Solo Exhibition, The Energy of Taiwan: Accommodate All the Rivers, Look Beyond the Continents, Bunkamura Art Museum,
Tokyo, Japan Solo Exhibition, Sprout: The Conservation of Energy, Gallery Lane CoveCreative Studios,
Sydney, Australia Cloud of Taiwan collected by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts/ Art Bank Taiwan, Taiwan Joint Exhibition, The Glory of Tainan, Tainan Art Museum, Taiwan 2018 Solo Exhibition, Five Element, Galerie-Kuchling, Berlin, Germany Solo Exhibition, Spring Shower Sprayed Energy, A/NT Gallery, Seattle, USA Solo Exhibition, The Energy of Love and Share, Goethe Art Center, Taipei,Taiwan 2017 Awarded Excellent Tainan Artists, Traveling Exhibition of Excellent Tainan Artists Solo Exhibition, 17 Voyages to Formosa, Pablo Neruda Library, Berlin, Germany Solo Exhibition, The Harmony between Heaven and Earth, Lingnan Museum of Fine Art, Dongguan, China Solo Exhibition, Synchronicity, Aimer Art Museum, Beijing, China Joint Exhibition, Next Art Tainan: The Story of Contemporary Art in Tainan, Asir Art Museum, Tainan, Taiwan Duo Exhibition, Tainan Ablaze: Traveling Exhibition of Excellent Tainan Artists, Municipal Cultural Center,Taichung,
Taiwan 2016 Solo Exhibition, The New Utopia: Peach Blossom Land, Heilongjiang Art Museum, Harbin, China Solo Exhibition, Marvellous Monkey: New Year’s Special Exhibition, Asir Art Museum, Tainan, Taiwan 2015 Established Asir Art Museum in Tainan Solo Exhibition Two Cities, Da Xin Art Museum in Guangzhou, China 2014 Solo Exhibition, Precious Ancient Coins: The Harmony between Heaven and Earth, Liaoning museum of fine arts,
Shenyang, China 2013 Solo Exhibition, Precious Ancient Coins, University of Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan Solo Exhibition, Romantic Reflections: Flowers in a Mirror and the Moon in a Lake, Nan Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan 2012 Solo Exhibition, Asir Dreamed a Butterfly, Licence Art Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan Solo Exhibition, The Dream of a Flaming Island, Lee Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan 2011 Solo Exhibition, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, M&C SAATCHI ArtGallery, Shanghai, China 2010 Solo Exhibition, Asir in an Intertidal Zone, Taiwan New Art Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan Solo Exhibition, Lighthearted Asir as a Spinning Top, Licence Art Gallery,Tainan, Taiwan 2009 Joint Exhibition, International Art Exhibition: Dialogue between Southeast Asia and Taiwan by Department of Cultural Affairs of Taoyuan Government, Taoyuan, Taiwan Awarded public art project of entrance image Sword Lion, Anping, Tainan,Taiwan 2008 Solo Exhibition, The Relativity of Freedom, Licence Art Gallery, Tainan,Taiwan 2005 Grand prize winner, open competitive bid of public art project, Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and
Quarantine, Council of Agriculture, Taiwan 2004 Sketches Collected by National Museum of Taiwan History 2003 Grand prize winner, design competition of public art project, Children Art Gallery, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts,
Taiwan 2000 Solo Exhibition, Ocean-Love EpisodeⅠ, Howard Salon, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Ocean-OceanⅡ collected by Kaohsiung Museum of
Fine Arts, Taiwan 1998 Grand prize winner, open competitive bid of public art project Encounter:Urban Mask, MRT Guting Station, Taipei City
Government, Taiwan 1996 Grand prize winner, design competition of public art project, Chiayi Municipal Cultural Center, Council for Cultural
Affairs, Executive Yuan,Taiwan 1994 Solo Exhibition of Lithographs, First Bank Art Gallery, New York, USA Solo Exhibition Paradise Lost, Up Gallery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 1991 Solo Exhibition New Heaven’s Paradise, Up Gallery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 1986 Initiate and participate in New Style Art Biennial, Southern Taiwan 1985 First Solo Exhibition, Tainan, Taiwan