Galerie Kuchling, Galerie für frische Kunst

Berlin, DE

To establish their own gallery for fresh, contemporary art was somehow inevitable for Rolf and Robert Kuchling. Growing up in the GDR, where art was defined and limited by the state, they are both highly aware that the freedom to exhibit exactly the kind of art they love and enjoy is not something naturally given. To utilise this freedom is their motivation: „We would like to create a space for art and artists. To add or even give back something unique to Berlin. We want new ways for new, fresh art.“

In 2011, the two brothers opened their first exhibition „Visions & Traditions“ in the Prenzlauer Allee 188. Since then they have presented contemporary artists who locate themselves and their art in a globalized world just at the point of intersection where tradition meets the present, where the individual meets society, where art meets life – and for each artist the form of artistic expression is always unique.

In 2017, true to the words of Wolf Biermann – „Only who changes, remains true to oneself“ – Gallery Kuchling moved into more spacious rooms in the Karl-Marx-Allee 123, where the first exhibition was opened at this new, historical location in spring. Rolf and Robert Kuchling are supported by their international team that assists them with words and deeds.

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