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My story
„Try My Best“ is an expectation, and „perseverance through love“ is an attitude. Enjoying the process and accepting the surprising or frightening results of the unknown is a means of choosing to fill one’s life with newness and change.

Featured Works


Since 2001, Linna has participated in many painting and ceramics exhibitions in Taiwan and abroad.


2023.04           Group Exhibition of members of Taichung Ceramic Art Culture Association

2023.04           Group Exhibition in Berlin, Germany [Germany KUNSTLEBEN BERIN].

2023.02           Linna Chi’s Solo Exhibition in Berlin, Germany [S7 Art Museum 99 Art Center,Taipei].

2023                Chairman of Taichung Ceramic Art and Culture Association

2022                Venice Biennale Group Exhibition [Bridges Palace].

2022                „Summer Yan, Prosperous Flowers“ Linna Chi’s solo exhibition [Su Family Garden 88 Art Museum].

2022                „Pottery Story“ Taichung Pottery Culture Association members group exhibition

2021                Taichung Municipal Ceramic Art and Culture Association Members‘ Group Exhibition

2021                Grand Hotel Taipei Artist-in-Residence

2022                The Second International Artists‘ Exhibition „Guarding the Earth“ [Tainan Minzhi Municipal Center

2021                Executive Director of Taichung Ceramic Arts Cultural Association

2021                Kirin Art Space „Kirin Yao“

2021                Linna Chi Solo Exhibition of Oil Painting and Ceramics [Tainan City Zengwen Farmers].

2021                Director of Taichung Ceramic Art and Culture Association

2020                Taipei International Audio and Art Exhibition [Grand Hotel, Taipei].

2020                Qi Yan Color Art Exhibition [Yung Chien Art Museum, Taichung City].

2020                Miaoli County Pottery Association Group Exhibition [Miaoli Culture andTourism Bureau, First Exhibition Room]

2020                 Miaoli County Cultural Industry Art Association Group Exhibition[Shan Yuexuan, Miaoli Culture and Tourism Bureau].

2020                Chinese Wenyao Culture, Education, Trade and Exchange Association

2020                Chinese Wenyao, International Art Exhibition [New Taipei City Arts Center].

2020                Global Revival of Oriental Arts and Culture-Outstanding Artists Honorary Award

2020                Solo Exhibition of Qi Yan Color [S7 Art Museum 99 Art Center, Taipei].

2020                Group Exhibition of the Ceramic Art Association of the Republic of China (Taipei, Taiwan) [Hsinchu County Cultural Tourism Bureau].

2020                Taichung Ceramic Art Association Group Exhibition #20 Footprints [Taichung City Dadun Cultural Center].

2019                Korea-China Art Exchange Exhibition [Incheon Art Museum, Korea

2019                Taiwan Artists New York Group Exhibition [Flushing Cultural Center, New York].

2019                Miaoli County Cultural Industry Art Association Group Exhibition [Miaoli Ceramics Museum].

2019                Taichung Ceramic Art and Culture Association Members Group Exhibition [Taichung Harbor Art Center].